24 February 2008 @ 12:40 pm

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I really should be writing my GinRan but wth....

The Fanfic-Writer's Meme

1. Which is your favorite fic?

After You Died and Even Before That
because I scored on all fronts, language, conflict, characterization and I love my Ryuuken here.

2. Which is your best-received fic?

I'm going to just go with Bleach fics for this meme because some of the DBZ fics were ridiculously popular and I don't want to think about them right now. I just checked mediaminer and it's scary how many hits some of those BV sex fics get.
Ichigo's Funeral is probably my best received Bleach fic according to reviews, although Invisible Writing has more hits everywhere because its longer. Of the two, I prefer, Ichigo's Funeral because I do death better than romance.

3. Which is your worst-received fic?

Five Paths, Two Endings deserved a poor reception because it wasn't very good but
Onlooker really flopped everywhere, on LJ, and mediaminer despite being a nice little bit of good writing. I guess it was kinda boring.

4. Which is your angsty-est fic?

There's a lot of competition for that one. Necrophilia probably wins though. I think I really hurt some people with that one. I'm still looking over my shoulder. I might get assassinated for posting that fic.

5. Which is your funniest fic?

Dinner Party
because you can't go wrong with Isshin.

6. Smuttiest?

Hmmmm.... Love Without Motive?
because you can't go wrong with Aizen yaoi harem fest.

7. Fluffiest?

You Are Not A Band-Aid, Ishida-Kun
Made myself choke on a cookie.

8. Have you ever made someone cry with a fic?

Dude, people tell me that all the time. Makes me feel bad.

9. Which fic frustrates you the most?

Definitely Diaspora I hate this fic. I need to rewrite it but I hate to look at it. Parts work, parts don't. A mess.

10. Which fic was the most fun to write?

They're all fun to write or else I wouldn't be doing them. Some of them hurt to write but they have to come out, like gallstones. But fun gallstones, if that makes sense.

11. Who is your favorite OC you've ever created?

Tsyuu, Ishida and Orihime's daughter. If she didn't have Quincy powers, my own daughter could beat her up, though.

12. Are you better at oneshot or mulitpart?

One-shots. I'm a sprinter. I don't have a lot of stamina for the long run and I'm new to plot. Plot and I have only been dating for about four years.

13. What character do you think you're the best at portraying?

Ishida Uryuu because he's my favorite character, I've worked the hardest at him, written the most about him and thought about him the most.

14. What character is the most difficult to portray?

Inoue Orihime. The balance between bubbly and insightful-serious is hard to manage.

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