10 September 2008 @ 04:54 pm

I'd just given Max my LJ password to make a post at work so people wouldn't be worried and the lights came on in the house today.

Baton Rouge was hit hard.

I'm still shell-shocked.

Much of the city won't have electricity, cable and phone until Sept. 24. Helicopters flying low over neighborhoods and the National Guard presence makes things feel like we're in a war movie.

It's been... really hard.  I've tried to be optimistic--like, okay, it's dark but this ain't the London Blitz (no threat to life or limb until the Darwin Award candidates started playing with downed power lines or operating chain saws on tree debris). It's hot and miserable but it ain't the Warsaw Ghetto--FEMA wasn't handing out MRE's and ice in the Warsaw Ghetto (wasn't the MRE on that foody meme going around? I've finally eaten one--it's not at all ready to eat--it's rather complicated in fact--except for the thing that looks and tastes like a matzah cracker).

Katrina was a horror. It was worse. There were eight cop suicides in the aftermath of Katrina. There was a mother and  5 year old daughter murder-suicide nearby this morning that really jolted me. Conditions can be really depressing. But it's like that 12th hour of unmedicated childbirth or that first teeth-gritting rush of a bad acid trip--you just have to bear it and know it's not forever.  Gas lines, people stealing gas cans, no generators at the hospitals...

Sophie's doctor FINALLY got power today too and Sophie got an appt for the 15th--my little girl's become increasingly weird and her meds aren't working. The heat and stress are affecting everyone but she was asking "Are you my mom? Am I Sophie?" and spending more time on the psycho-spectrum of her illness, but I envied her in a way--she seemed to be having fun. Lots of mania and inappropriate giggling.

Haven't had time to think about it much---I will never complain about laundry again. I've been washing and wringing out clothes by hand. Oh, and sweeping, sweeping, sweeping in my own OCD way. Oddly enough, I don't miss my vacuum--although that's what I'm going to do right after typing this post, vacuum ( The place looks like--ha, a hurricane hit it).  I swept little piles at the threshold of each room. I collected the piles together--I was never so aware of the colors and shapes of all the tiny debris of my life.

Oh yeah and fuck Louisiana homeowner's insurance. After Katrina, laws were passed so that there were deductibles on hurricane roof damage and private property up to 10% of the home's total worth. So we've got a thousand dollars worth of ruined fence and OUR INSURANCE ISN'T PAYING FOR IT.  Unlike a lot of people's roofs though, ours held.

Yeah, and two hundred year old oaks were up-rooted all over town but my little tangerine tree is none the worse for wear. Thank you all for your prayers for it.

OMG, I feel beat. A.C. feels amazing. It's only been on for an hour.  Woooo, better than pizza and better than sex.

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