16 February 2007 @ 12:06 pm

This LJ will now be a friends-locked one. (Sorry K, G and others--you must join the narcissists and get accounts here to keep up with my mad typing).

I'm not opposed to making new LJ friends so if you think you and I have common obsessions, you can reply to this post or send an email to the addy listed in my user info, and if you don't sound like a creep, I'll probably friend you. I love to talk about Bleach, babies, world peace, and alternative education. I sometimes curse, I mention sex as often as your average teenager, and I don't talk about modern day novels. Only Shakespeare, French surrealim, and fanfic.

I would rather not quit hanging my ugly bottom in public, but I'm trying to cancel the peep show for those stalkers who want to have sex with my bad art and fiction. I would rather call their parents, but this will have to do for now. I'm still as trusting as ever, and as I take it for granted that my neighbors won't shoot me when I walk out the door, I'm going to assume that nobody I've friended will go "omg, she condescending, let's kill her" or "wow, she's annoying, Iet's punch her in the face."

Once I figure how to, I may screen friends into groups but that whole process offends this social democrat's sense of egalitarianism. We are all endowed by our Creator with the right to scroll past my long posts.  De-friend me now while I'm not looking if you want to. It's a good day. Peace. Shalom!  和平.

Still dreaming of of two squares of tofu in every miso bowl and then dessert.