29 July 2007 @ 03:44 pm

The kittens aren't quite kittens anymore. They're at that adolescent stage of big paws and lanky bodies--only the lankiness is exaggerated in these because they're Siamese.  Like all Siamese (I've had mixes, purebreds, Himalayans all my life), they're amazingly intelligent and just beautiful in that Cleopatra's cat way. At first (this is so me) I thought Momo was developmentally delayed because she wasn't recognizing her name, then I realized that like most cats (not ones I've had) she just didn't want to. She would give me that look like "? Why should I come to you?"  Winky hops right over.

Winky has darkened into a PERFECT lilac lynx point Siamese. This looks just like Winky, in case you were wondering what lilac lynx points look like:

You can barely see the lynx stripes on the tail here. Winky's are very pronounced and quite lilac (cat fancy talk for bluish gray)

Momo is pure sleek black. She's a mouser. I've only ever had one other cat who was a mouser, and they can be really annoying because they catch, kill and eat anything that moves. That makes for a lot of scary jumping cat coming out of nowhere instances where I scream and drop something. But we don't have a bug problem at least.

I don't know if it's a famous show or what since I'm culturally clueless about t.v. (the last series I followed was "The Lone Gunmen" ) but I'm so into a short on called "Naughty naughty pets." This week the dog who digs deep holes in the living room found a construction worker's skull with the light still beaming on the helmet and he proceeded to recite most of Hamlet's "to be or not to be" soliloquy.  Sophie's almost learned the whole thing---it's just nonsense syllables to her but people will be going "woo, that homeschooling. Shakespeare for six year olds. Man."

The shorts always end with these Phil Spector girl group songs that are really good. To be or not to be... what a quandary....I ask myself while doing the laundry....
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