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debbiechan ([personal profile] debbiechan) wrote2014-07-22 04:57 pm

Photos of my Bbs

My sister took pix of my chickens and fish.
Chocobo--she;s a friendly buff orpington:

Gigi--my cuckoo marans--used to be shy but flew into my daughter's lap the other day, doesn't like carrots.

Carmen and Shirley with their green feet. Shirley has muffs and a roostery tail and we call her a lesbian because she's so roostery---but pretty sure she's a she.

My pond fish and fountain (I like this photo even with the netting and blurriness):

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These photos are so good, & they really make me smile. Added post to memories. <3
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I'm in love with your chicken coop. I always wanted one (some day). Your chickens are very handsome and full of personality. My mom had 5 at one point and a duck that thought he was a chicken lol and a little fluffy feet, nurturing hen, that used to be the surrogate mommy that hatch the other's eggs (because she was a better mother than the others were). Eventually all the chicks will grow up way bigger than her... It brings me good memories of my childhood ^_^.

Also that pond is awesome. I had a pond growing up, but Koi were to expensive in Spain, so we had carp. I made it with my mom and I remember we dug huge boulders out to make the hole and we used an old portable swimming pool liner we had laying around to make it. It was my pride and joy!