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Schroedinger's Bird

Oh GOOD LORD, Ichigo chased a bird into the house and for half an hour knocked over EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE anime figurines, magazine racks cups and spice shakers and stacks of papers and THERE WERE FEATHERS EVERYWHERE EVERYWHERE. Asher just shut himself in his room and said "tell me when it's over."  The chirping finally stopped but I went to clean up and heard chirping inside a empty UPS box. I didn't dare look inside. There was no blood anywhere but from all the FEATHERS you'd think the bird would've died of hypothermia. I put the box outside. So .... I guess it will escape or die... it's Shroedinger's bird right now to me. Ichigo was last seen chasing a lizard under some baskets in the living room. YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE THE AMOUNT OF FEATHERS. I can't vacuum them up--they jam up the vacuum so it's going to take some major sweeping and mopping.

Momo is always so efficient--she stabs the birds right in the chest and leaves them outside. Ichigo has to cause this kind of ruckus. ;(

ETA: THE BIRD GOT OUT. I WENT OUT TO CHECK AND THERE WAS BIRD POOP IN THE BOX BUT NO BIRD. I hope it had a good story to tell its friends. Oh man, Ichigooooooo.
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[personal profile] leia_solo 2012-05-03 07:38 pm (UTC)(link)
I lol'd at Asher's reaction for some reason.

Is Ichigo a year old yet?
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Oh shit I remember when he was still a kitten! My Corey turned 2 on February 19!
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Of course Ichigo cant kill anything in one hit. He has to swing blindly and make collateral damage, remember? Momo was Aizen's pupil. One should think she'd be efficient. ;)
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This comment. I lol'd for real.
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I just imagined the characters when she described it, even though I know better XD
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Haha, unless you count that stalker Momo crack fandom created? Either way, it's cute your cats are both named after fruit.
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XD That name seems to fit somehow. I'm imagining a meek little kitty. Aren't siamese supposed to be mean?
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Grimmjow isn't allowed outdoors except on the fenced-in back porch with supervision, but right outside our front room window is a bird's nest. Today she and momma bird had a very long staring contest, then Grimmy got bored and started playing with Oliver's toys. I think if we let her out, she'd chase squirrels, but would probably be terrified of birds.
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LOL, that would very likely be the same scenario here. Our squirrels are SO fearless. They throw things at us sometimes too. Walk outside to get the mail, get beaned on the head by an acorn. Clever little critters. XD
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