25 August 2007 @ 11:12 am

Every now and then I come across Bleach fics so perfect I want to enshrine them. I read them over and over and its like making out the first time.

Two recent ones. I'm going to start faving and keeping track and pimping because fanfic in this fandom is one of the things that keeps me here, and when times get paranoid and kerfluffly I need to be reminded of friends, foolery, Szayel Aporro Grantz and all the really good fic that comes out of this fandom.

Wasurenai by [profile] empath_eia (Yachiru and Byakuya--NO SEX!  very PG, AMAZING). I've read this one over a few times and I marvel at the characterization. A sentence construction fangirl, this one won me because its the PRETTEH without being overwritten and I want to do something like this. *awe, awe, awe* Not to mention the unlikely pairing--but its perfect, trust me.

Space to Breathe
by [personal profile] ravengirl  (NC17, IchiIshi) took my breath away this morning. I love first time fics and this one is short, sweet, porny, and the characters go DOING! with perfection. I always love Keigo in any fic--he's a great peripheral character. This story is a story, not just a PWP and it reminded me....

What do you look for in a porn fic? I like all sorts (obviously) but my favorites have dialogue, don't concentrate on a blow-by-blow of sex acts (although, some writers do that WELLL!) and have a little conflict-resolution. I'm pretty vanilla--romantic BL and het are my faves. With a preference for young, first time clumsy grasping funny sex. In the kink department, I like tying Ishida up.

Recs? Some mornings are Bleach porn mornings.