Hi, doing some cleaning up and straightening about of my cyberspace and I've decided to not accept any more friends to this LJ. I've been adding people regularly as requests came in, but I don't really know many of you beyond the Bleach fandom and I just can't handle any more watchers without feeling hugely self-conscious. I'm not dropping anyone because that would seem callous--I know plenty of you old friends read and don't comment often or just like to keep a finger on my pulse, so your silence is comforting. So let's just say this journal is closed to new friends for now (that sounds so cold, but seriously, I'm drowning in cyber-relationship obligations!)  Everyone who's here already, carry on--or comment more, if you like. Please--all's well!

If you want my Bleach babble, join [community profile] bleachness.  Thanks!
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