01 February 2008 @ 01:19 pm
Bwah, I'm so stupid. I forgot to pay the water bill so the water got disconnected today. Actually I do think I sent in a check (I'm one of those people who hand-writes checks--I pay very few things online--don't ask me why--habit? Stupidity?) and the water company never got it or hasn't gotten it yet and when they'll do they'll give me a credit but in the meantime I had to pay a huge reconnect fee, and there won't be water until 7 p.m. 

Of course, the kids have the right attitude--"yey! no baths!"--but I hadn't showered yet and I am still fevery and sneezing and gross and I just wanted to get up and start the day and it's already afternoon.

Okay, this calls for serious measures. I think I have to kill someone in a fic now. Just giving my readers fair warning in case I go that way. I'm too tired to vacuum but I think I'll murder someone despicable.... Mayuri maybe.
Current Mood: embarrassed