07 February 2009 @ 05:32 pm

I'm going to be making a friends-cut soon.

I never thought I would, but thanks to [ profile] laurie_bunter for clarifying to me the way that some people use the word "friend" on LJ versus how some people see LJs as a newsfeed, I'm no longer comfortable with all the intricacies of double and triple-locked posts and I don't want to keep people who haven't commented in here for years. If after the cut you miss me or feel you still want to be a part of my LJ life, please don't hesitate to write me and tell me, but I need to streamline my life and feel okay about posting a lot about my personal life without worrying about filters.

Those cut are people who added me without asking, people I don't really know well, and people who haven't given supportive comments to personal entries. I'm also no longer accepting any new friends for this particular account.

[ profile] bleachness will still be my primary fan mouthpiece; I'm going to be less shy about speaking my mind there.

My cutting you does not necessarily mean that I want to be cut from your own journal. I'm a selective reader and know how to use the scroll key; I also continue to have an unusual interest in the ordinary details of the lives of perfect strangers. But no hard feelings if you cut me too.

If you're cut and still want to be on here, write me and I'll add you back.  Otherwise, be well and sayonara.

Current Mood: determined