25 February 2007 @ 01:05 pm
hello bleach list....Thank you, LJ, for not sending me any comment notices so two days had passed and I was struggling not to get paranoid about no reviews for my last IchiIshi but I went there to post this a.m. and there were a bunch. Whew. I'm so simple. I was getting in a bad mood today--headache, fever, general angst, but the reviews cheered me right up... piti...ful.

Now to pimp some art I've loved lately.

Kamumi Yamato's Bleach My Little Pony series...she's got em all... this is Hitsugaya Suffice it to say Sophie's wild about these.

Isn't this Jin ahhhhh? So simple and lickable

funniest most original Bleach fanart I think I've ever seen

I have taught pale Artifice to spread his nets upon the morning Q, this one so does it for me.

This one so suits this week's chappie

 Lashon Hara, the wicked tongue. I'm chewing on mine in order not to say anything but isn't it odd--since the bleach_anon shishkabobbing of me, I've found myself wanting to say bitchy things I never thought of before. I mean, could you imagine the fall-out? The worst I did all last year was express my opinion about Bleach-related things (yaoi, ships, literary likelihood of plot) and that got me a mess of haters. Imagine if I actually said something bad about someone? Must be the hurt. Must be that all these mean people are hurt by something. It's the tit for tat, I suppose. I don't want to believe in Bitch Girl Hierarchy where girls kick other girls when they're down.

And I still can't get over the "infuriatingly sexist" remark on DA. I really need to call one of my old bra-burning friends. I mean, I was reading the Andrea Dworkin when these DA kids were in diapers. Now... that's one flamey thing that's actually cheered me up with its silliness. The rest--gadnabbit, I'm such a woos. :-(