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2014-07-26 10:54 am

Ryuuken Uryuu Sonnet

Unlike William Tell, he can shoot more than one
Arrow. His shoulders stiffen with every draw.
Whenever the father speaks the son’s name, the son
Straightens his own shoulders, sets firm his jaw.

The two, man and boy, train next to a roaring waterfall.
The rain in the stream is their powers combined.
There’s a raw spot, right of the son’s heart, where all
Judgments sink. “You have no talent.” “You’re too kind.”

Dark callouses mark the fingers stretching the bow.
The father believes in his own heart’s right to aim
For his son’s death and rebirth. “How can you possibly know
Our shared legacy? I am too old. I am too lame.”

Archers’ shoulder-blades spread apart like wings.
The arrows keep flying, and the flooded stream sings.
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2014-07-22 04:57 pm

Photos of my Bbs

My sister took pix of my chickens and fish.
Chocobo--she;s a friendly buff orpington:

Gigi--my cuckoo marans--used to be shy but flew into my daughter's lap the other day, doesn't like carrots.

Carmen and Shirley with their green feet. Shirley has muffs and a roostery tail and we call her a lesbian because she's so roostery---but pretty sure she's a she.

My pond fish and fountain (I like this photo even with the netting and blurriness):

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2014-01-20 09:35 am

Shroedinger's driving student

People don't believe how much the Deep South is still like a Flannery O Connor novel or a Tennessee Williams play, even if they live here, unless they ride public transportation or take long walks in provincial areas, unless they stray away from television and linger in the shops. I just came back from the dollar store with Sophie. There's an old time shoe repair shop in the mall there, and a man was outside saying "Things have been made worse by the full moon. It's been a full moon FOR WEEKS NOW."

The intensity of ignorance and wisdom is deeper here.

Next to the shoe repair shop is an upscale caterie business. The day before Christmas the owners stopped me and Sophie and offered us Christmas ham to take home. I guess we looked like poor people. I guess we looked like what we are. We refused because, well, Jewish. She gave us brownies and some green bean casserole I knew was probably cooked in bacon fat but I ate it anyway, saying a prayer over it for the soul of my dad's old pet pig Panchito.

Panchito doesn't exist anymore but he lives in my imagination and ... in some theoretical universe like everything else.

I'm not afraid of dying. It's all so much theory. I'm only afraid of killing someone or causing pain--hence the driving phobia. I wonder if I can take the risk this year and finally start driving. Or if I'll finally die in traffic because my impulse to walk into it will get the better of me. It's either/or. I feel like Shroedinger's driving student right now; I have such a issue with cars.
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2013-08-05 06:21 am


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2012-08-16 12:31 pm

I promised doll pix

I started playing with my dolls this morning in the pebble garden but then it started raining and I had to go back inside.

Amy in the first picture.  Paquita with the purse and Miriam in the flowerpot in the second.

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2012-08-15 04:55 pm

Peggy sent me flowers

Peggy sent me flowers. I feel better today, no fever, just horribly horribly tired and I've been so busy and the weather is hot and horrible but I paid special attention to the arrangement--I've been reading about plants and cut flowers and thinking about my fall vegetable garden (I mostly lived in apartments all my life so this will be my first real garden--only ever had potted plants on the balcony before) and I've been watching and reading Natsuyuki Rendezvous which is about a widow who runs a flower shop and this younger man courts her but the ghost of her dead husband gets on his nerves and keeps a sketchbook of fairytales where she lives as her younger self in an imaginary world and....

I lost my train of thought.

I've been paying extra attention to flowers and their meanings. Cut flowers. The metaphors of growing things. Peggy's flowers are so beautiful. Thank you so much Peggy. I miss you. I miss everyone I haven't met.

Ichigo tried to get into the photos. You can see him in one below.

I believe in hope. NOTHING will hurt me now. Ishida is going to be in the manga "as much as possible" Sensei says and dickwads in fandom everywhere can shove it because I have the best friends in the world.

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2012-05-03 10:37 am

Schroedinger's Bird

Oh GOOD LORD, Ichigo chased a bird into the house and for half an hour knocked over EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE anime figurines, magazine racks cups and spice shakers and stacks of papers and THERE WERE FEATHERS EVERYWHERE EVERYWHERE. Asher just shut himself in his room and said "tell me when it's over."  The chirping finally stopped but I went to clean up and heard chirping inside a empty UPS box. I didn't dare look inside. There was no blood anywhere but from all the FEATHERS you'd think the bird would've died of hypothermia. I put the box outside. So .... I guess it will escape or die... it's Shroedinger's bird right now to me. Ichigo was last seen chasing a lizard under some baskets in the living room. YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE THE AMOUNT OF FEATHERS. I can't vacuum them up--they jam up the vacuum so it's going to take some major sweeping and mopping.

Momo is always so efficient--she stabs the birds right in the chest and leaves them outside. Ichigo has to cause this kind of ruckus. ;(

ETA: THE BIRD GOT OUT. I WENT OUT TO CHECK AND THERE WAS BIRD POOP IN THE BOX BUT NO BIRD. I hope it had a good story to tell its friends. Oh man, Ichigooooooo.
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2012-04-26 02:06 pm

(no subject)

National Autism Association recommends wiring your kids to school.

Told ya the incident I posted about wasn't isolated.,0,427139.story

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2012-04-25 01:22 pm

(no subject)

When people show their true colors, does your heart turn darker? If there is no Supreme Being and the universe speaks only a language of light and dark, our prayers are dark.


*always praying*

People pray, the way ducks fly in formation, because they need to, because there’s a reason.

Or if there is no reason, there’s a check mark in the sky saying “job done.”

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2012-04-25 08:51 am
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2012-04-23 10:04 am

Please sign this petition for this little girl's sake

Woke up this morning to this news and have been sick and outraged ever since. Copy-pasting what I got from Alex. I was forwarded the message by several friends before the news even came up on my email from whose feed I subscribe to. The "zero violence tolerance" policies of public schools and the increasing police involvement in "disciplining" issues involving very young, often undiagnosed special needs students is APPALLING. This case isn't an isolated one. Police are called before the parents are. Happens all the time. School psychologists and child advocates get involved too late. Salecia Johnson has already been victimized by her school administration. Please sign this petition and bring this issue to the awareness of others. Justice in the handcuffing and arrest of 6-year-old Salecia

Why This Is Important

On April 13th, our six-year-old daughter, Salecia Johnson was handcuffed and arrested at her school, Creekside Elementary in Baldwin, GA for a so-called ‘temper tantrum’. She was charged with battery and suspended for the remainder of the school year. The school took all of these actions without notifying us. Although they claim to have called, we did not have any record of these calls on any of our phones. As a result our daughter was in police custody for more than an hour before we knew. Salecia has been traumatized by this experience. She’s afraid to return to school and recently woke up in the middle of the night saying ‘they are coming to get me.’ In all of this, the most important thing is that this incident does not become anymore of a setback for Salecia and her future. Although we are now being told that Salecia can return to school after a week and there are reports that the charges have been dropped (the police have not notified us), a record of her arrest exists. Also, we believe there should be a more in-depth examination of what happened and why police were brought in to deal with a matter of school discipline.

We are calling on Milledgeville officials to remove any record of Salecia’s arrest and end the use of police in school discipline. Please join us in demanding justice for Salecia. We cannot allow this to happen to another child. Thank you, Constance Ruff

—— REBLOG, PLZ. So sickening that an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CHILD can be arrested, but adult murderers like Zimmerman are allowed to bypass punishment due to legal loop-holes. And NO, wee Salecia is NOT the only child who has been treated this way in the southern U.S. states. At least one mother I know personally who will be reading this has dealt with similar concerning her own little girl. CHILDREN. Being arrested/restrained by POLICE for having “tantrums”. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE
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2012-01-01 07:59 am

So I was BLESSED for a cabbage

Happy New Year.

A lady in front of me in the grocery on Jan 31 got her New Year's cabbage stuck in the kiddie seat of the shopping cart, and I yanked it out for her so she blessed me. It's a Southern USA thing to cook cabbage for health and wealth.

I was all blessed and happy but bored and sick with a cold so I went home and scrolled through Tumblr shipping stupid and hate fanclubs on Naruto Forums. Found this crazy thing! There's been anti IchiRuki FORUM of all things started.  Wonder if it's a reply to Deathberry, lol.

(macro not by me):

An Anti IchiRuki Forum? ROTFLMAO

I guess it's their forum and they can have it but what really sets me off is that the fanart stolen from Rusky Boz--it was made specifically for Jukes ( )and I guess it just burned some people. The fanart was funny and creative. Seriously, if you're going to mock, make your own arts and show some creativity.

Rusky's a better person than I am and ignoring all this, but the hilarity and pitiful was irresistible for me not to call out.  Manips always make me laugh but when people are making manips of FANART not source material ....



Oh, I need to go make some pie and write some fic and plant some herbs.  No time for dumb today. My cold is better and the laundry's piled up again.

ANYONE ELSE MAKE BLACK-EYED PEAS FOR THE NEW YEAR? Hey, I know Southerners around here make them with ham hocks but they are a Jewish thing as old as the Babylonian Talmud. The tradition came here with Sephardi Jews before the Civil War. The black eyes are to ward off the Evil Eye and we ate them for good luck on our own New Year, Rosh Hashana:

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2011-12-30 05:18 am

Times they are a Changin'

crossposted from  to  (don't see the sig showing up yet)

Last post here in May 2009--that was when Ulquiorra died, eh? Maybe it's time for him to shoot his lanza and return to Bleach. Maybe I'm waiting for something that will never happen? My unholy patience usually pays off.

I was waiting for community imports to make the final move here.[community profile] bleachness  will be here soon. Let the Russians have LJ. Well, my private journal as well as [community profile] bleachness  are permanent lifetime accounts so they won't disappear but I'm here on DW now and pawing around in a circle like a cat about to lie down on a pillow. Niiiiiice.

Big changes usually happen for me in the fall because I'm still on academic time what with being married to a university teacher and the Jewish New Year starting then, but this time I'm getting into starting afresh for 2012. Have all sorts of plans. It's been exactly one year since Asher's bar mitzvah last Dec 25 and I swear it's taken me a year to recover. After watching the finale of Penguindrum I was feeling all woozy and poetic about time and meaning; this Christmas Day I sat on the bed with my daughter having some wonderful wandering convo with her about why is rice white and why can't we keep a platypus for a pet and I was fully aware that four years ago she'd lost the ability to talk, lost her potty skills, was teetering on this diagnosis or that one and my world was an inconceivably hellish place--

I was so bored this past Christmas day. Not happy particularly, just aware that my family was precious, that in 100 years we would all be gone, and every gesture from each of us seemed to be happening in slow motion. We lit the Hanukah candles that night and watched them burn out and I asked everyone to make a wish. Silly. Everyone did---and thing is, I bet I know what each of those silent wishes were.

Fever just broke a few hours ago. I've spent most winters of my life getting measly colds since as far back as I can remember. I've got a long chore-list but I don't feel bad, just sneezy.

Been feeling like the Jewish Tiny Tim all this holiday season--just going around saying "G-d bless us everyone!" I want good things for all of you. I love you, my friends.

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2009-09-06 11:03 am

(no subject)

Trying to let go. Trying not to try so hard. Trying to let the sandstorms bury me and uncover me, bury me and uncover me, because it makes no difference if I'm breathing sand or air, I'm still breathing.
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2009-08-26 10:10 am

(no subject)

Shoot me for not crying for Michael Jackson but I cried for Ted Kennedy. My first act of political awareness was because of him. The nuclear disarmament bill he co-authored impressed me so much that as a child I xeroxed it and sent it to teachers and neighbors and called it "the nuclear chain letter" and yes I got lots of attention and kudos for that but mostly I remember the time as when I started having nightmares about the end of the world by nuclear holocaust and Teddy Kennedy was the man who wanted to stop those nightmares.

Yes he was a womanizer, yes he behaved badly, yes, yes to all of it. He changed my life and fought for what I believe in. Goodbye Ted.
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2009-06-20 08:15 pm

Cez made this

thank you [ profile] halclouds 

For everytime someone in a certain fandom which will not be named does or says anything stupid, PLAY THIS AND LET YOUR TROUBLES ROLLLLLL AWAY.

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2009-05-25 06:46 am

(no subject)

Ok, I'm here because one of my cool friends had a code and all the cool people are coming here and now what do I do?
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2009-04-29 03:49 am

(no subject)

Quickly-- my AIM isn't working--wtf is up with AIM and its plug-ins lately? Contact me via MSN or Yahoo.  LJ isn't delivering all my mail. That's fine. I've given myself permission to be WAY BEHIND everything so I can be lazy these days. I bought a bag of tangelos that turned out to be sour. That's the wonderful thing about fruit, though--you never know exactly what you're going to get whereas a bag of chips is always a bag of chips. A good friend or lover or book or manga is like a bag of tangelos, dependent on seasonal influences, and if I remember my behaviorism right, it's inconsistent reinforcement that keeps you returning to something, right? If you know that tangelos can be citrus heaven sometimes you will keep buying them.

Well, I keep buying chips too but I don't wax on about them like tangelos.

Yes, it's three in the morning. Stop looking at me like that.

Someone asked me what a day-old bread store is. Yes, it's a store that sells day old bread. Ours is called the Flowers Bakery even though there isn't an oven anywhere on the premises and what happens is trucks come by all the time with old bread from various places that won't sell anymore because it isn't "super fresh" so you can buy the bread for super low prices at the store. Three bags of bagels for a dollar, that sort of thing. Cobblestone Mill brand specialty breads for a dollar or so. HONEYBUNS galore. Like, ten for a dollar. I buy wheat bread on a regular basis there and freeze it in the freezer. That's peanut butter and jelly money saved right there. And every now and then there's something really awesome and tasty for sale that has to be eaten right away with gobs of butter.

Bipolar Factoids )
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2009-04-13 07:14 am

(no subject)

If their new "adult" policy that discrimates against GLBT stands, I've made my last purchase from amazon. Okay, I've made my last purchase anyway. I bought a book for my son's birthday then I was alerted to this petition:

ETA: National Post story
Publisher's Weekly story on Easter purge

Okay, these lists of books just shot my fever back up!
2009-03-19 05:30 pm

(no subject)

Ok, usually I don't link stuff like this but I'm proud of my religion and as most of you know, one of my young students committed suicide last year so this article in Reform Judaism about a young black woman saying kaddish for her friend who killed herself ... well... moved me.

The Questioner's Quest

You may return now to your regularly scheduled fandom wankery--hoo boy, I'm having some fun over at BA. XD