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Times they are a Changin'

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Last post here in May 2009--that was when Ulquiorra died, eh? Maybe it's time for him to shoot his lanza and return to Bleach. Maybe I'm waiting for something that will never happen? My unholy patience usually pays off.

I was waiting for community imports to make the final move here.[community profile] bleachness  will be here soon. Let the Russians have LJ. Well, my private journal as well as [community profile] bleachness  are permanent lifetime accounts so they won't disappear but I'm here on DW now and pawing around in a circle like a cat about to lie down on a pillow. Niiiiiice.

Big changes usually happen for me in the fall because I'm still on academic time what with being married to a university teacher and the Jewish New Year starting then, but this time I'm getting into starting afresh for 2012. Have all sorts of plans. It's been exactly one year since Asher's bar mitzvah last Dec 25 and I swear it's taken me a year to recover. After watching the finale of Penguindrum I was feeling all woozy and poetic about time and meaning; this Christmas Day I sat on the bed with my daughter having some wonderful wandering convo with her about why is rice white and why can't we keep a platypus for a pet and I was fully aware that four years ago she'd lost the ability to talk, lost her potty skills, was teetering on this diagnosis or that one and my world was an inconceivably hellish place--

I was so bored this past Christmas day. Not happy particularly, just aware that my family was precious, that in 100 years we would all be gone, and every gesture from each of us seemed to be happening in slow motion. We lit the Hanukah candles that night and watched them burn out and I asked everyone to make a wish. Silly. Everyone did---and thing is, I bet I know what each of those silent wishes were.

Fever just broke a few hours ago. I've spent most winters of my life getting measly colds since as far back as I can remember. I've got a long chore-list but I don't feel bad, just sneezy.

Been feeling like the Jewish Tiny Tim all this holiday season--just going around saying "G-d bless us everyone!" I want good things for all of you. I love you, my friends.