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debbiechan ([personal profile] debbiechan) wrote2014-07-26 10:54 am

Ryuuken Uryuu Sonnet

Unlike William Tell, he can shoot more than one
Arrow. His shoulders stiffen with every draw.
Whenever the father speaks the son’s name, the son
Straightens his own shoulders, sets firm his jaw.

The two, man and boy, train next to a roaring waterfall.
The rain in the stream is their powers combined.
There’s a raw spot, right of the son’s heart, where all
Judgments sink. “You have no talent.” “You’re too kind.”

Dark callouses mark the fingers stretching the bow.
The father believes in his own heart’s right to aim
For his son’s death and rebirth. “How can you possibly know
Our shared legacy? I am too old. I am too lame.”

Archers’ shoulder-blades spread apart like wings.
The arrows keep flying, and the flooded stream sings.