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debbiechan ([personal profile] debbiechan) wrote2012-08-15 04:55 pm

Peggy sent me flowers

Peggy sent me flowers. I feel better today, no fever, just horribly horribly tired and I've been so busy and the weather is hot and horrible but I paid special attention to the arrangement--I've been reading about plants and cut flowers and thinking about my fall vegetable garden (I mostly lived in apartments all my life so this will be my first real garden--only ever had potted plants on the balcony before) and I've been watching and reading Natsuyuki Rendezvous which is about a widow who runs a flower shop and this younger man courts her but the ghost of her dead husband gets on his nerves and keeps a sketchbook of fairytales where she lives as her younger self in an imaginary world and....

I lost my train of thought.

I've been paying extra attention to flowers and their meanings. Cut flowers. The metaphors of growing things. Peggy's flowers are so beautiful. Thank you so much Peggy. I miss you. I miss everyone I haven't met.

Ichigo tried to get into the photos. You can see him in one below.

I believe in hope. NOTHING will hurt me now. Ishida is going to be in the manga "as much as possible" Sensei says and dickwads in fandom everywhere can shove it because I have the best friends in the world.