01 January 2012 @ 07:59 am

Happy New Year.

A lady in front of me in the grocery on Jan 31 got her New Year's cabbage stuck in the kiddie seat of the shopping cart, and I yanked it out for her so she blessed me. It's a Southern USA thing to cook cabbage for health and wealth.

I was all blessed and happy but bored and sick with a cold so I went home and scrolled through Tumblr shipping stupid and hate fanclubs on Naruto Forums. Found this crazy thing! There's been anti IchiRuki FORUM of all things started.  Wonder if it's a reply to Deathberry, lol.

(macro not by me):

An Anti IchiRuki Forum? ROTFLMAO

I guess it's their forum and they can have it but what really sets me off is that the fanart stolen from Rusky Boz--it was made specifically for Jukes ( )and I guess it just burned some people. The fanart was funny and creative. Seriously, if you're going to mock, make your own arts and show some creativity.

Rusky's a better person than I am and ignoring all this, but the hilarity and pitiful was irresistible for me not to call out.  Manips always make me laugh but when people are making manips of FANART not source material ....



Oh, I need to go make some pie and write some fic and plant some herbs.  No time for dumb today. My cold is better and the laundry's piled up again.

ANYONE ELSE MAKE BLACK-EYED PEAS FOR THE NEW YEAR? Hey, I know Southerners around here make them with ham hocks but they are a Jewish thing as old as the Babylonian Talmud. The tradition came here with Sephardi Jews before the Civil War. The black eyes are to ward off the Evil Eye and we ate them for good luck on our own New Year, Rosh Hashana:

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