29 April 2009 @ 03:49 am
Quickly-- my AIM isn't working--wtf is up with AIM and its plug-ins lately? Contact me via MSN or Yahoo.  LJ isn't delivering all my mail. That's fine. I've given myself permission to be WAY BEHIND everything so I can be lazy these days. I bought a bag of tangelos that turned out to be sour. That's the wonderful thing about fruit, though--you never know exactly what you're going to get whereas a bag of chips is always a bag of chips. A good friend or lover or book or manga is like a bag of tangelos, dependent on seasonal influences, and if I remember my behaviorism right, it's inconsistent reinforcement that keeps you returning to something, right? If you know that tangelos can be citrus heaven sometimes you will keep buying them.

Well, I keep buying chips too but I don't wax on about them like tangelos.

Yes, it's three in the morning. Stop looking at me like that.

Someone asked me what a day-old bread store is. Yes, it's a store that sells day old bread. Ours is called the Flowers Bakery even though there isn't an oven anywhere on the premises and what happens is trucks come by all the time with old bread from various places that won't sell anymore because it isn't "super fresh" so you can buy the bread for super low prices at the store. Three bags of bagels for a dollar, that sort of thing. Cobblestone Mill brand specialty breads for a dollar or so. HONEYBUNS galore. Like, ten for a dollar. I buy wheat bread on a regular basis there and freeze it in the freezer. That's peanut butter and jelly money saved right there. And every now and then there's something really awesome and tasty for sale that has to be eaten right away with gobs of butter.

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